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Beautiful Decor Curtain is a Curtain Design & Interior Design company founded by Mr Lee on 2006.

We have over 10 years experience curtain designers and professional decorators to serve customers from Penang and Kedah.

With TWO Curtain Shop in Penang to display our Curtain Design, Blinds, Wallpaper, Carpet, Vinyl Tiles, and Spc Tiles for customers to choose.

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Curtain Design In Penang

CURTAINS have two major aims that will benefit your living space, and What so are they will provide a particular aesthetic touch into your room.

From contemporary to classic curtains are among those essentials in your home. The curtains have the capability to deliver the home with special elegant touch and to upgrade decorate the home completely.

Besides, the curtains are really vital in order to safeguard the room from an excessive amount of UV light. 

For that reason we manage to fix a guide of several creative and astonishing curtains ideas that you might find inspiration to the home.

So all you need to do is sit back and pick your favorite curtain.

Samples of Our Curtain Projects

Indoor & Outdoor Blinds Curtain In Penang

Highly practical and easy to fit and use, BLINDS offer excellent value for money and take up less space than curtains, which makes them especially appealing for today’s apartment living.

Blinds are also excellent in areas of high condensation because they’re designed to withstand such conditions.

When matching curtains and blinds together, it’s best to decide the type of blinds you want for the space first.

The most common styles are Roller blind, Zebra blind , Vertical blind , Roman blind and Outdoor blind as they pair well with curtains and provide a basic, solid block of colour to work with.

It’s important for you to pay attention to the colour and fabric selections, and how these work together inside or outside the room.


Samples of Our Blinds Projects

Benefits of Using Curtains & Blinds

Installation of Curtains & Blinds in the home or office can be a great addition to your apartment.
You might wonder whether it’s worth the time and money to put up your own curtains, but you should look at all the benefits they offer, so you don’t miss out on a great opportunity to improve the look of your room.
Here are some of the advantages to having curtains in your bedroom.

Curtains Are Customizable

You can get them in all different colors and styles. If you have a particular theme going on in your bedroom, you can choose curtains based on it.

Dust Prevention

Curtains in your bedroom can be beneficial because they prevent dust from building up in the room. Curtains gather dust from places close to them.

Curtains Provide Privacy

If you have very nosy neighbors and you don’t want them looking inside your apartment, curtains can prevent that. Make sure the curtains you buy are not transparent.

Temperature Control

Curtains have a soft, elegant appearance. They are more practical and heavy duty than they appear. They will keep your bedroom warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer

Light Control

Having curtains can control the light that comes into your bedroom. That can impact your use of energy in some ways.

CUSTOM MADE CURTAINS & BlindS Designed For You

With CURTAINS & BLINDS immense decorative potential, give any home a more luxurious finish, while also protecting soft furnishings from harsh sunlight and helping keep the whole home temperature-controlled. 

Our curtains and blinds are custom made according to your home design. We will make sure the curtains are suit your windows and home decoration perfectly.

Do visit our curtain shop in penang. We have 2 Curtain Outlets in Penang. Our friendly team in store can also provide advice on suitable solutions based on your requirement. 

More than 100 of fabrics for you to choose. E.g: velvet, linen, nylon, polyester, cotton, satin, rayon, jacquard, viscose and so on. 

Wallpaper In Penang

For the remainder of us, wallpaper is extremely useful in creating a distinctive room. On the flip side, if you need a wallpaper for those children’s room, vibrant colors are sometimes a superior choice. 

With the expanding popularity of the wallpapers, there’s a substantial selection of wallpapers offered on the market. 

With the correct care, wallpapers can endure for many years. Transform any space in your home or office with art and customized wallpaper. 

Tiles In Penang

We do provide Vinyl Flooring Tiles and SPC Flooring Tiles in Penang. Vinyl Tiles is the most common used flooring tiles while SPC Tiles is the better version. 

The benefits of SPC Tiles and Vinyl Tiles are WATERPROOF resist to water (suitable to be used in bathroom and kitchen), easy to install as follow the step, come with various beautiful design and pattern. 



Carpet In Penang

Carpets are a rather important portion of home decor and office. It also offers a comfortable place to sit, play or work and gives the room a complete appearance.

Carpets are an extremely popular flooring choice for home and office since they’re warm and soft and make the entire family feel welcome and at home.

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